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    Say No to Data Silos.
    Frustrated by numerous disparate data sources, none of which communicate
    with each other or exist in silos within different parts of the organization.
    Relavance will integrate all your disparate data sources– quickly and painlessly.
    Create a system that can handle every configuration of information.
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    Make Big Data Work For You
    Stop searching for data and start retrieving real time information ... and Fast!
    With Relavance there is no need to wait for queries to be written or IT professionals
    to extract the information you want at your fingertips. Are you ready to tap into
    the full potential of Big Data?
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    Don't Relate- Associate
    Why spend all your time and IT power managing data "structures" relational databases or
    static 2-dimensional models? Relavance stores each piece of information and each concept at the center
    of its own universe of associations. Reduce your IT costs, deploy faster and securely and access your
    entire organizations information with our automatic data aggregation and fusion.
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We deliver software, technology, and professional services that significantly reduce the complexity and cost of managing information. Our solutions provide clients with guaranteed savings, compared to traditional database and data warehousing solutions.

Using one centralized view of the organization you can now make decisions based on "LIVE information" to achieve significant, immediate, and tangible ROI. What often took years to accomplish, now is solved in only days, weeks, or months.

We open up a new world of possibilities in "Big or Complex Data". Relavance is the only available and patented Associative Database in use. This technology has the potential to impact businesses on a global scale. We will be able to address challenges faced within the business, academic, medical and research communities at a lower cost with less risk.
Why Choose Us?
Relavance is data Type agnostic and can combine hundreds or thousands of disparate databases into one useful database, that can be interrogated and used as appropriate for your business.
Relavance always instantly updates the database information reporting whenever new data is entered- we do not have a need to "run" reports- they are always real-time and up to date. As the only network aware database, we can replicate in real time across billions of systems.
Relavance is the answer for Big Data. With scalability beyond Exabyte, a simple user interface with only 6 API's, and both cost savings from storage reduction and technology, and performance advantage to succeed in the new data economy.
What Client's Say?

We were highly satisfied with Relavance as our building project management tool, allowing Nemaco to monitor and react to customer and regulatory and business requirements.

Relavance helped us deliver the scope, time, budget and quality the customer required. Using Relavance sped up our project work and helped avoid the financial impact of any unplanned work.

Ernst-Jan Scholten

Testing and integration with Relavance and our Core Technology Connectivity Factory was completely successful and exceeded result expectations. We are partnering to bring this unique and disruptive solution worldwide. This will bring unprecedented operational agility, cost savings and competitive business advantages to our customers.

James Nauffray

The associative database technology which is now Relavance was a new technology we successfully applied to a long-standing problem on two Navy projects in the early 2000s. The two related projects, ReMAD and Smart ACHF, involved automation and modernization of systems supporting complex calculations and processes being done using 1970s mainframe technology. The challenge was to assimilate and track a large number of data changes across a data warehouse, sort through 50+ million records, and compute spare/repair part requirements for Navy ships – up to and including aircraft carriers. The challenge was complicated by different configurations of each ship based on incremental upgrades and changing versions of subsystems/parts, complex business logistics rules, and the sheer volume of data (billions of database-equivalent records).

A process that previously took more than a month of manual and semi-automated effort, was reduced to less than 15 minutes using the associative technology now at the core of Relavance. The long, labor intensive exercise became an automated, near real-time computation process – thanks to the power of associative database technology.

Joe Homan
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